How We Reached out Rural Artisans & Helped them Earn Better


My Indian Brand as the name suggests is dedicated to project Indian handmade products under one global Brand.. and that is “My Indian Brand”. A completely indigenous Indian brand, promoting “Made in India”, “Make in India” and along this process providing better value, better opportunities to India’s Handicraft artisans.

With such a motive, we focus facilitating and reaching out those artisans whose skills are either hidden in the remote areas or are not able to reach out to the better markets.

The very first opportunity we could have offered any artisan was our diwali campaign. Where we were looking for someone who could create simple and designer diyas (clay lamps) for us for our “Diwali Campaign”.

We decided to not to buy it from the ones who can already make those diyas, but rather find someone who have the potential and could get it done, while learning new design patterns and skills.

And this was the time when we started wandering on the outskirts of our national capital, looking for some clay artisans who could make diyas (in thousands of quantity) for us.

With the help of few rural aquintances, we managed to reach village Bhabru, near Virat Nagar, Jaipur. And found a family who used to make simple round diyas, which they used to sell in their own village alone.

Bhabru My Indian Brand
Bhabru Village

Met the head of the family and told us our requirement, purpose and asked for the samples they have been making till then.

What we found that, they were just making simple round small diyas but when we showed our designs to them, they told us they can try making them for our samples.

After few set of samples and after making changes to them, they finally improved the technique and provided us with what they had never tried before and could have never created it, until given an opportunity to do so.

My Indian Brand's diya

Through this campaign they were able to earn money about atleast 1.5 times what they used to charge for per piece. Since we believe in providing better amount to the artisans apart from giving value to the art.

Kumhar with My Indian Brand

And apart from earning money for a bulk order, they also learned what designs people are selling throughout India, of which they were unaware before this campaign.

Since they have earned this skill and new designs, and they now know the worth of their art they can reach the markets in a better and confident way; even without us. Which makes sense! as we believe in empowering and nurturing the capabilities.

And this is what MIB works for.. that is.. making people “Self Reliant” & “Self Sustainable”.

This was one of our Stories.. do let us know your ideas and reviews in the comment section below.